For big and for small events: We organise catering for all kinds of events worldwide. Small snacks, fingerfood or great culinary highlights: We offer the same top quality everywhere. At the race course or at your home, on beautiful wine estates or in old castles: There are as many amazing locations as occasions for events.

We supply the entire staff for service and kitchen as well as food and beverage. On our biggest event we were present with four hundred people. You only need ten? The sky┬┤s the limit.

A plenty of good things

Our menues are a delectation because they are made by those wizards which with one´s hand perfection and passion for detail marry fresh ingredients in a unpretentious and harmonic manner. If food should be served in a more relaxed way allowing more conversation: Our fingerfood is not only exquisite, it is a great fun. It is extremely alterable and easy to adapt to the taste and the requirements of all countries and cultures. One can mix regional specialities and ethno food with crossover and the classics from France and Italy. Also vegetarian fingerfood can be delicious. There is no limit for phantasy. Come and get seduced...


Top Service

A perfect course of action guarantees that your guests feel most comfortable. Anytime and everywhere. This is the reason why it is so important to us that our service staff is not only competent but also very friendly and helpful. Furthermore our staff is at least bilingual.