More creativity & fresh ideas

Staff And Services is not the only domain of StaffAndServices. We provide fresh ideas in many other fields just as public relation, advertising, marketing and of course corporate events.


    Trade fairs & Exhibitions

Don´t hurl yourself into adventures in a headless manner. All you need for a top presentation of your company or of your products you get from our side. Fresh ideas from people which really know what they are doing. A good concept and a kosher realisation in a fix budget. For being sure that all will be absolutely perfect and ready for your success.

For a top realisation it does not only need the right staff. It requires a vision. It requires the knowledge about processes as well as a clear strategic objective. All that we generate geared to your needs.


    Corporate Hospitality / Modelling

You need staff for various kinds of events, exhibitions, presentations, trade fairs, road shows, or for private or offical festivities. We choose the right people for you:

Young Faces & Ripe Faces
Beautiful Faces & Interesting Faces
Fresh Faces & Vigorous Faces
Graceful Faces
Faces full of character

But first and foremost we have:
Competent & reliable people.
Your staff shall not serve a purpose.
Your staff shall animate the purpose.
Your staff shall be right for you.
We´ve got local and international staff.


    Formula One Hotels

You wish a comfortable trip and a nice hotel? With clubfeeling, chilled drinks and nice people? Then you better see a travel agency, because we do no run-of-the-mine business. But if you like to go for the unusual, for the special, then you are perfect with us. Your accomodation is organised supremely individual. Here we go for you with the right organisation and the right feeling. Enjoyment & pure luxury. Get close with the Formula One. That´s our passion.

Benefits from a cooperation with StaffAndServices

You want the audience to become your client? There should be more to come. We want the audience to become your fan. We want the audience to become your friend. You already move the audience? Now it is the time to touch.

We make you having a deeper impact on clients and a better relation with partners as well as a superior utilisation of all possibilities. Let’s focus on the essential. Only very few companies are able to offer a top performance world wide and in a consistent quality. It is our habit to offer our entire performance to only one main client of each branch of economy. Benefit from that unique position.


Win peoples heart and mind

Many companies leave people standing in the rain because they forget about the most important thing: Every single client and every single guest is a individual having its own imaginations, needs and desires. For becoming really great your hospitality has to pursue that in every sense. If you want that people feel like being home win their heart and mind. Touch people with inspiration and intelligence, with intuition, idealism and individualism. For creating imagination and image.