Almost twenty years of experience within the world of motorsports brought detailed knowledge and routined experience. Our clients and partners from allover the world benefit from these assets.

The small difference

is when a great symphony arises out of many single notes. A performance is only getting perfect when one takes also care of the small details, not only of the big ones. It is the love for detail which makes a event becoming a unforgettable experience. That regards communication during planning as well as precise punctuality of shuttle service or the right temperature of wine served during dinner. The small difference, that is the extra smile which my events bring on your face.

Each one a original

My events are like these bursting bubbles: Every single is unique in her own way and absolutely beyond retrieval. It is a irrecoverable and unique snapshot in time and space. Tasting a wine is roughly the same. The diversity of my events reflects the diversity of my clients. They are not all the same. In contrary they are all very different and they likewise have different requirements, needs and desires. Go with me and you are not left out in the rain.